Wednesday, 8 October 2008

I went to Weight Watchers tonight for the first time since February. I had to start attending meetings again, and tonight was facing the truth and taking it from there. In the last eight months I have gained 6lb. I'm okay with that. Here's to new beginnings!

I was saying to Grant that the last time I did WW it was partly about becoming healthier but mainly about losing weight. This time it's mainly about a long-term healthy lifestyle, but partly about losing weight. I plan to stick with it from now on, although I'm realistic to know that there will be ups and downs along the way.

So - official WW weight: 9st12.5lb (138.5lb)

50g muesli with skim milk - 3.5

spaghetti, roasted vegetable sauce - 2.5

Afternoon snack
Alpen bar - 1

takeout pizza - 12

WATER: 5 glasses
FRUIT & VEG: 3 portions
MOVEMENT: walked to school and back three times; some cleaning around the house.

Emotions: Cheerful mood. The pizza for dinner probably wasn't the healthiest choice but it was my treat night and I kept within my points, which I'm pleased about, and it won't be a weekly occurrence. All in all I feel very positive and in control. I'm looking forward to a good week and a good weigh-in next week.

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  1. 6lbs is OK! Well done. Here's to the future!