Sunday, 5 October 2008

50g muesli with skim milk - 3.5

2 slices Danish toast - 1.5
baked beans - 2
sprinkling of grated parmesan (not even 1g) - 0

WW tuna and wild rice bake - 6
carrots, green beans - 0
peas, corn - 0.5

Evening snack
apple: peeled, cut up and microwaved - 0.5
digestive biscuit: crumbled over apple - 1
toffee fudge sauce - 1
small scoop ice cream - 1.5

WATER: 3.5 glasses (no excuse really)
FRUIT & VEG: 5 portions (yay!)
MOVEMENT: next to nothing - stayed in all day and vegged

Emotions: It was a perfect day for snacking but I actually had none. Grant was working and the boys and I just hung out all day, doing nothing productive. Weather miserable, windy and rainy. I had breakfast late and then got involved with blogging and playing Wii with the boys so we had lunch late and before I knew it, it was supper time. Made the apple dessert for Grant and I in the evening. All in all a good day; I feel in control. I enjoyed cooking supper. Thought briefly about chocolate but it was such a fleeting craving I paid it no mind.

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