Saturday, 18 October 2008

50g muesli with skim milk - 3.5

half a sweet potato, nuked - 2
sauteed mushrooms - 0
1 slice Danish wholewheat toast - 0.5
Laughing Cow light cheese triangle - 0.5

Afternoon snack
apple - 0.5

WW hearty lamb stew - 4.5

Evening snack
grapes - 0.5
WW ginger pudding - 2.5
low fat custard - 1.5

WATER: 3.5 glasses (must do better!)
FRUIT & VEG: 5 portions (yay me!)
MOVEMENT: minimal, just the usual walking to school and back 3 times. Oh, and to the end of the road and back for a haircut

I used my SAD lamp this morning and it made a difference. I had a little more energy and was less hungry. I am loving my new system of cooking: I cook Weight Watchers meals out of the many WW cookbooks I have (I bought 2 from my meetings, the rest I got on eBay). Each recipe makes 4 portions. I eat one, Grant eats one, the boys share one and I freeze the last one. Grant has been on late shifts this week, which means he's not home for supper. I feed the boys something like fish fingers, oven chips and baked beans and I have a choice of WW (homemade) ready meals from out the freezer. It's great!

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