Saturday, 4 October 2008

50g muesli with skim milk - 3.5

Morning snack
Alpen cereal bar - 1

2oz turkey burger patty - 1
2 slices Danish toast - 1.5
tomato, pickles, etc - 0

Afternoon snack
1 slice toast - 0.5
Laughing Cow extra light triangle cheese - 0.5

homemade pizza and 1.5 dough balls - 14?
salad dressing to dip - 2

Evening snack
Jumping Jack salted popcorn - 0.5

TOTAL POINTS: approx 24.5
WATER: 3.5 glasses (I went out today, so didn't drink as much)
FRUIT & VEG: 2-3 portions
MOVEMENT: 5,060 steps

Emotions: A bit up and down. Noah was a bit stressful today. I had a fairly high point supper but planned for it and chose it - still feeling in control. I did find it pretty tempting to be out shopping this morning - all of the snacks in the shops looked good. I'm fine until I see something, then I crave it. But I bravely resisted! After lunch I felt "snacky" and like I wanted something sweet so I chewed some chewing gum and it worked to satisfy that. Thanks, Di, for the tip! Made pizza for supper but I made sure to roll the crust thin and load up with veges. Watched a movie as a family with popcorn but I didn't have any of theirs - I had a bag of Jumping Jack popcorn which is only half a point.

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