Monday, 6 October 2008

50g muesli with skim milk - 3.5

2oz turkey burger patty - 1
2 slices Danish toast - 1.5
tomato, pickles, etc - 0

roast potato - 1.5
mashed potato - 1
roast chicken - 2
carrots, Brussels sprouts - 0
gravy - 1
roast parsnips - 0.5
stuffing - 1
cordial - 0.5

cheesecake - 8?
birthday cake - 10?

WATER: 5.5 glasses
FRUIT & VEG: 2-3 portions
MOVEMENT: next to nothing - not feeling well, just vegged again

Emotions: It was another perfect day for snacking but I actually had none. We had supper at our friends' house. I ate a very reasonable portion, didn't overeat. I did drink the cordial that they'd already poured for me, but that was only half a point. I enjoyed the cheesecake they served for dessert, but didn't have seconds. I did have birthday cake later. It was okay; I really didn't enjoy the thick icing but Paige was so proud of her fancy iced cake and there was no way to discretely leave the icing - I made the choice to eat all of it rather than offend her.

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