Sunday, 12 October 2008

50g muesli with skim milk - 3.5

leftover roast pork - 1.5
2 slices Danish toast - 1.5
Spur sauce - 1.5

Afternoon snack
apple - 0.5
Alpen cereal bar - 1

WW smoked mackerel hotpots - 7.5
1 slice Danish toast - 0.5
steamed carrots - 0

Evening snack
homemade chocolate brownie - 3
apple - 0.5
1 slice Danish toast - 0.5
Laughing Cow extra light cheese triangle - 0.5

WATER: 4 glasses
FRUIT & VEG: 4 portions
MOVEMENT: minimal

Emotions: So much better today.

Other notes: I made pancakes today and froze them (well, those that the boys and Grant didn't eat) and I didn't even eat one. I also made flapjacks for Daniel, but I wasn't tempted as I don't really care for them. However, I do adore the chocolate brownies I made but after calculating the points for the whole recipe (70.5!!!) I cut them into 24 little brownies of 3 points each and I only had one. I sent half of them to work with Grant and froze the rest. I was sorely tempted to eat more than one but overcame temptation, so yay me!

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