Thursday, 29 March 2007

Weigh-in day and I've lost 2.5lb!! I only needed to lose half a pound to make Gold Membership, so I was thrilled!! So now I'm a Gold Member plus I've lost over 10% of my body weight. I am grinning from ear to ear!

Total weight loss: 22lb in 11 weeks.

Popped into Next Clearance today - they have no changing rooms so I had to just buy a few items on faith. The size 12 long denim skirt I got is slightly loose (!!) so I'm taking it back, the size 12 jeans are much too tight in the bum/waist but I'll hang onto them and hopefully fit into them soon, and the size 12 rust cord skirt is a little snug but will fit beautifully in a week or two. CHUFFED TO BITS.

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Weigh-in day and although I hadn't expected to have lost more than half a pound, I actually lost 1.5 lb this week! I am so so so thrilled. This means that I only have to lost HALF A POUND to become a Gold Member and get my 10% keyring!! I'll definitely lose at least half a pound this week.

Why I hadn't expected to lose much: I didn't count points when I ate a big meal for Noah's birthday; I've been picking on birthday cake, chocolate and Rice Krispie treats; went out to eat last night and ate a bit too much.

Why I did lose despite the above: lots of walking; staying roughly near my points even though I did go over; didn't eat all of my potato, the coleslaw or all the cheese in my meal when we ate out.

I am so pleased!

Thursday, 15 March 2007

Weigh-in day and I am walking on air - I lost 3 pounds this week!! I couldn't stop smiling the whole meeting. That means only 2 pounds to go and I will be a Gold Member! I still want to lose another 11 or so after that, though - will see how it goes.

I had been feeling a little discouraged this week because I've been sooo hungry lately but Sue Bentley said the same thing happened to her and that it's just a phase so hang in there. Today was better, I wasn't as hungry.

Rachel came to my WW meeting with me and we walked down. Today in total I've walked 16,059 steps which is 5.58 miles!! I earned 3 points but don't plan on using them. I'd rather lose the weight faster.

Feeling fantastic!! Yesterday I bought a new pair of jeans which fit fantastically. They are a size 14 but they fit properly - this is a big deal for me. The two main motivations to lose weight (besides looks) was that I was tired of being tired all the time (I'm not tired all the time anymore) and I couldn't find jeans or trousers to fit properly (and now I can!). I'm so happy.
I've done lots of walking today - it's only 2pm and I've already done 10,110 steps, which is 3.51 miles. I've reached healthy and have earned 1 point so far.

The weather is gorgeous, all sunny and fresh so I walked to Gyminies. I let Noah walk halfway home and all the fresh air and exercise has tired him out and he's asleep so i am working. Win-win!

I was reflecting on how much losing weight has changed my life already. Not too long ago I hardly took Noah to playgroups because I was too tired and fed up to bother. Now I go to mothers' group on Mondays, Gyminies on Wednesdays and out with him other days too, and today there was me walking over a mile to Gyminies. I feel so fantastic!

I feel like I've lost this week, hoping it will show on the scales tonight.

Thursday, 8 March 2007

Weigh-in day yesterday - I lost half a pound. Not much of a loss (in fact, it was my lowest yet) but I was still really pleased because on Saturday we went to Sylvia's 60th birthday party and ate there, on Sunday I had some of her birthday cake and on Monday Rachel took us to Pizza Hut for buffet lunch.

I really did try to make better eating choices on these occasions than I normally would have - at Sylvia's do I had saved 6 points and I asked for half the amount of beef stew that the caterer was going to serve (and didn't even finish it), loaded up on green beans, carrots and salad and declined the potatoes and rice (although I did have some cauliflower cheese). I wasn't being pious - I genuinely didn't miss anything I had turned down. For dessert I chose the chocolate cake but only ate half of the piece and didn't have pouring cream over it. The birthday cake the next day: I didn't finish the whole piece and gave the thick rolled icing to the kids. At Pizza Hut I did have 3 pieces of pizza but I filled up on salad and chose a fat-free vinaigrette dressing, and didn't have any of the garlic bread. Again, I was well satisfied and enjoyed the meal and didn't miss anything I didn't eat. So I was really pleased that my choices paid off and I still had a small loss this week.

I feel so fantastic - I have more energy, I can fit into my clothes and look decent in them and I feel more confident.

Thursday, 1 March 2007

Weigh-in day and I am over the moon - I lost 2.5lb! Woohoo!! That makes 14.5lb total - just over a stone. Yeah! Driving home I was on a total high and I was thinking, "This, this feeling, is worth so much more than a piece of chocolate cake or any of the things I've given up (and frankly don't even miss)." Am v proud of myself and still feeling v motivated and focused.