Friday, 22 February 2008

Weigh in day was yesterday and I gained a pound. I'm not surprised. I've been really demotivated this week and have been picking on all sorts and eating chocolate. It doesn't help that I made this and this when we had guests on the weekend. Oh well, we'll see if I can get back into gear this week!

Friday, 15 February 2008

Okay, so I've been slacking on this blog a bit! I didn't go back to WW until last week, when I went to my new meeting. I really like my leader and I love that I can just walk down to the meeting, but what I loved most is that I only gained another 3lb over Christmas. So, total gain since I reached 9st 6lb in June = 6lb.

So I was back on the wagon last week except for the dinner party we had on Saturday (I didn't count points on the weekend) and I was thrilled to go for weigh in on Tuesday and discover that in the last week I lost 4lb! Yay me!! I still want to lose another 10lb or so and then see from there.