Monday, 18 June 2012

I've had two weeks of not tracking, eating things I shouldn't, being disorganised and unprepared ... and it's shown with a 400g weight gain.

This week my goals are:
- drink more water
- track everything I eat
- experiment with new recipes

I thought I'd blog my food diary here to keep me accountable. So here is today's food diary:

Breakfast - 5 ProPoints
egg fried without oil in a non-stick pan (2pp)
slice of toast (2pp)
low fat soft cheese instead of butter (1pp)

Lunch - 3 ProPoints
butternut soup (1pp)
half a slice of toast with margarine (2pp)

Snack - 5 ProPoints
grapes (0pp)
nut bar (5pp)

Dinner - 8 ProPoints
Pollo in Pottachio (3pp)
pasta (3pp)
cheese (2pp)

Snack - 0 ProPoints
orange (0pp)

Snack - 6 ProPoints
Pronutro cereal (5pp)
skim milk (1pp)

TOTAL - 27 ProPoints

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