Wednesday, 13 June 2012

I just wanted to make a little note of some of the changes I've noticed as I've lost weight (10.4kg so far - that's 22.9lb or 1 stone 8.9lb):

- My dresses and pants have become longer - I especially noticed this with a particular maxi dress which started touching the ground.

- I've had to tighten my belt and have made new holes in between the original holes so I can tighten it a little at a time, as needed. This is a picture from a few weeks ago - I've moved onto the next hole already.


- My clavicles have emerged, yay! And my double chin as mostly disappeared, double yay!

- Noah moves his head a lot on my upper chest when we are cuddling. I'm not as padded so he moves around to find a comfortable spot.

- My knees feel better. We tend to think of being overweight in terms of size and how we look, but my knees could really feel the extra weight I was carrying. They feel fine now.

- It's easier to cross my legs and bend down for things, like when painting my toenails.

- My watch band is looser - for a while it was too loose on one hole, and too tight on the next, which was annoying.

- I'm having so much fun pulling out old favourite clothes that I can fit into again!

- I feel more confident. I also feel less panicked when planning to attend events - I know I'll be able to put together a cute outfit, rather than wondering what on earth I'll wear and feeling unattractive.

Some of the down-side to the weight loss process:

- Being in-between sizes for a while, when one size starts becoming too big but the next size down is still too tight.

- MAJOR hair loss - I had this last time as well and apparently it's normal. My hair is seriously coming out in handfuls - lucky it's so thick!

- Certain favourite items of clothing becoming too big so I can no longer wear them.

Overall I'm quite happy to accept the cons because the pros "outweigh" them (sorry for the pun!)

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