Sunday, 29 July 2012

Today was weigh in day and it sucked. Do I sound disgruntled enough? I was SO FED UP to stand on the scales and be told I'd gained 400g! I honestly have not been exactly on my daily points, I have gone over, but certainly not over the weekly points allowance. I was in a filthy mood, especially since last week had shown a gain as well.

I felt better when I realised that last week I'd only gained 100g, not 300g like I'd thought.

This week's gain is probably due to the fact that I haven't been getting enough sleep (which can affect weight loss) and the fact that I am "enjoying" that special time of the month and I'm bloated like a whale (TMI!) I have had a few treats this week (sushi, carrot cake, French bread) but really not enough to result in almost a pound of weight gain.

This week I am going to blog my food journal and really work hard at staying on or below my daily points and not using any weekly points. So boring, but apparently necessary for me.

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