Sunday, 1 July 2012

So today was weigh-in day and I was dreading standing on the scales. After last week's fabulous loss, I've had a really bad eating week. There was a lot going on this week. On Tuesday Grant and I were running errands and we got sushi for lunch. Then we went out to dinner as a family to celebrate one year in NZ, plus we got ice cream for dessert. On Wednesday I had a really stressful day, resigned from my job, had a newborn session ... all on top of a really bad night's sleep. By dinner time I was just fed up and we just got pizza. Then last night Paul (neighbour and Grant's BFF) had a birthday party. We only went for a short while but had some delicious naughty food while we were there. Oh, and I baked his two cakes so we had cake at home too, with milk chocolate ganache on.

All that to lead up to this morning's weigh-in, which showed a 1kg gain. I am sad but totally expected and deserved it.

This week I am really going to try hard to track, to stay relaxed and calm and on top of things even though I have so much to do and the kids are on school holiday. Friday and Saturday are my last two shifts and then I am done working for Hannahs and will actually get my weekends back, hooray!

I know that things don't always go according to plan but that I can still make healthy choices rather than just giving in and eating badly. I am going to try hard this week.

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