Monday, 23 July 2012

Sunday was weigh-in day and I didn't really expect it to go well. Although I'd been pretty well behaved all week we had gone out to dinner with friends (which NEVER happens) and I'd had some yummy food that wasn't too bad ... and followed it up with a slice of cheesecake, which was pretty bad.

Then, while running errands with Grant, we passed a burger chain that we wanted to try so I had a burger there. It was delicious, and I did opt for the smallest one, but it still put me over my points.

So when I stood on my digital scales on Sunday morning and saw that I'd lost around 4kg I knew there was something not quite right! I got off them, reset them and tried again, only to be told I'd gained weight. The next few times I stood on them they told me something different each time.

I went to the other bathroom to try the glass digital scales there but they produce a slightly different result than my usual ones so I still didn't know if I'd gained or lost.

I went back to my bathroom with both scales and eventually got a consistent reading from my usual scales - I'd gained 100g. That was pretty much expected.

Then I worked out that the glass scales weigh 1.1kg more than my usual ones, so I'll just weigh on them from now on and subtract 1.1kg from what they say to see how much I've lost each week.

(My goal weight is not about the number on the scale, it's about how I feel and look and fit my clothes, but I do want to keep track of my actual loss each week rather than suddenly have a non-existent 1.1kg "gain" just because I switched scales.)

I am a bit frustrated that I seem to take two steps forward and one step back but at the same time I feel like life happens and so long as I just keep plodding along I'll get there eventually.

I can feel and see the changes in my body, which is encouraging. This week I found myself exclaiming to Grant, "I'm so happy my boobs are finally getting smaller!"

He gave me a, "What's wrong with this picture?" kind of look, lol! (But let me tell ya, F-cup boobs are not all they are cracked up to be.)

My hair loss feels like it's increased but I have such thick hair it's not really a worry. It happened last time I lost weight too and I know it will eventually slow to normal rates.

I tried on a dress that I've been looking forward to wearing and it fits! So exciting.

A little while ago we went to the hot springs with friends and while I wasn't exactly uber confident parading around in my bathing suit, at least I wasn't mortified. I'm looking forward to buying a cute suit in summer.

So, goal for this week is drink plenty of water, track everything I eat, and don't go over my daily points. So far so good.

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