Thursday, 8 March 2007

Weigh-in day yesterday - I lost half a pound. Not much of a loss (in fact, it was my lowest yet) but I was still really pleased because on Saturday we went to Sylvia's 60th birthday party and ate there, on Sunday I had some of her birthday cake and on Monday Rachel took us to Pizza Hut for buffet lunch.

I really did try to make better eating choices on these occasions than I normally would have - at Sylvia's do I had saved 6 points and I asked for half the amount of beef stew that the caterer was going to serve (and didn't even finish it), loaded up on green beans, carrots and salad and declined the potatoes and rice (although I did have some cauliflower cheese). I wasn't being pious - I genuinely didn't miss anything I had turned down. For dessert I chose the chocolate cake but only ate half of the piece and didn't have pouring cream over it. The birthday cake the next day: I didn't finish the whole piece and gave the thick rolled icing to the kids. At Pizza Hut I did have 3 pieces of pizza but I filled up on salad and chose a fat-free vinaigrette dressing, and didn't have any of the garlic bread. Again, I was well satisfied and enjoyed the meal and didn't miss anything I didn't eat. So I was really pleased that my choices paid off and I still had a small loss this week.

I feel so fantastic - I have more energy, I can fit into my clothes and look decent in them and I feel more confident.

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