Thursday, 22 March 2007

Weigh-in day and although I hadn't expected to have lost more than half a pound, I actually lost 1.5 lb this week! I am so so so thrilled. This means that I only have to lost HALF A POUND to become a Gold Member and get my 10% keyring!! I'll definitely lose at least half a pound this week.

Why I hadn't expected to lose much: I didn't count points when I ate a big meal for Noah's birthday; I've been picking on birthday cake, chocolate and Rice Krispie treats; went out to eat last night and ate a bit too much.

Why I did lose despite the above: lots of walking; staying roughly near my points even though I did go over; didn't eat all of my potato, the coleslaw or all the cheese in my meal when we ate out.

I am so pleased!

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