Thursday, 15 March 2007

I've done lots of walking today - it's only 2pm and I've already done 10,110 steps, which is 3.51 miles. I've reached healthy and have earned 1 point so far.

The weather is gorgeous, all sunny and fresh so I walked to Gyminies. I let Noah walk halfway home and all the fresh air and exercise has tired him out and he's asleep so i am working. Win-win!

I was reflecting on how much losing weight has changed my life already. Not too long ago I hardly took Noah to playgroups because I was too tired and fed up to bother. Now I go to mothers' group on Mondays, Gyminies on Wednesdays and out with him other days too, and today there was me walking over a mile to Gyminies. I feel so fantastic!

I feel like I've lost this week, hoping it will show on the scales tonight.

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