Thursday, 15 March 2007

Weigh-in day and I am walking on air - I lost 3 pounds this week!! I couldn't stop smiling the whole meeting. That means only 2 pounds to go and I will be a Gold Member! I still want to lose another 11 or so after that, though - will see how it goes.

I had been feeling a little discouraged this week because I've been sooo hungry lately but Sue Bentley said the same thing happened to her and that it's just a phase so hang in there. Today was better, I wasn't as hungry.

Rachel came to my WW meeting with me and we walked down. Today in total I've walked 16,059 steps which is 5.58 miles!! I earned 3 points but don't plan on using them. I'd rather lose the weight faster.

Feeling fantastic!! Yesterday I bought a new pair of jeans which fit fantastically. They are a size 14 but they fit properly - this is a big deal for me. The two main motivations to lose weight (besides looks) was that I was tired of being tired all the time (I'm not tired all the time anymore) and I couldn't find jeans or trousers to fit properly (and now I can!). I'm so happy.


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