Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sorry for the long silence. We've had friends staying with us for two weeks. During their visit we ate all sorts of delicious, naughty food and I was dreading standing on the scale. I honestly thought I'd put on about 2-4kg.

They'd been here about a week and a half when I weighed myself. I was thrilled to find I'd only gained 800g! That's not even 2lb. I honestly couldn't have been happier unless I'd actually lost.

The rest of their visit went the same, eating wise, and I haven't exactly been on track in the few days after they left.

Today is Sunday, which is my weigh-in day (I just weigh myself at home). I wasn't going to stand on the scale. I didn't want to face it - I just knew it would show a gain and I didn't want to see how much.

But I decided to be a grown up about it and stripped off and hopped on ... only to be stunned to find I've lost 400g!! Half of what I'd gained, leaving only 400g to contend with.

I'm absolutely over the moon and feel like I've dodged a bullet! I really want to try hard to stay on track and not go completely off the rails when Grant's family is visiting - his brother arrives next Saturday (he'll be staying with us for 2 weeks) and his parents arrive next Sunday (they'll be staying at an apartment nearby for a month). We always go out to eat when they are visiting and I'm determined to make healthy choices off the menu, not drink calories but stick to water, etc.

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