Friday, 27 April 2007

Weigh-in day was two days ago and I lost another 2.5lb!! I am so excited. It was a thrill to fit comfortably in size 12 ... but now my jeans are getting a little loose again and for the first time the possibility of size 10 has become real. They did have a word with me at WW, asking how much I still want to lose but I assured them that I wanted to remain within the healthy range and not drop below it and that even though I've gone down into the next weight bracket (I'm 9st13 now) I wasn't going to drop a point as I'm doing fine on 19 points a day. I just feel like I still have some flab on my belly and hips (I'm fine with everything else) and that because I have a small frame it doesn't look as good on me to be in the top end of the healthy weight range for my height; I look better towards the bottom end. I wish I could just lose off my belly / hips and leave everything else!

Have been toning my arms with simple exercises every day; we'll see when / if it makes a difference. Ritsuko (one of the moms at school) asked if I'd lost weight, she'd noticed it in my face most. One more pound and it's two stone I've lost!

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  1. I think the tummy/hips thing comes with being a mom...if you manage to move it...PLEASE let me know how!!!