Sunday, 2 December 2012

The last two weigh-ins

After my first week back on plan I lost 0.5kg (a pound), which I was quite happy with.

This last week I only lost 0.3kg. I'm still pleased that it's a loss, but I know I can do better. I thought it over and realised where I went wrong:

1) I haven't been tracking properly
2) Right at the beginning of the week we went to a friend's get-together for her daughter's birthday and I ate lots of "naughty" food at the finger buffet
3) On Wednesday evening I went to a church meeting and there were refreshments afterwards - I ate two shortbread-with-marshmallow-layer bars and a cookie. I brought a cookie home for Grant but he didn't want it so I ate it
4) Grant has been working silly hours (I hate his rotating shift pattern!!) - leaving for  work at 5:30pm twice means I was caught off guard and didn't have dinner ready early enough, and wasn't going to cook for just me and the kids because they just moan about everything I make anyway, so we had toasted sandwiches or something (I can't even remember).

So, plan of action for this week:

1) Track, track, track! I think I will go back to photographing my food like I've done recently.
2) Avoid treats - they seem to be a slippery slope for me and I think I do better if I just abstain altogether. I know this will be hard on Saturday at the police family Christmas party but I will try hard to keep under control.
3) Plan meals for the whole week, taking note of Grant's shifts.

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