Friday, 30 November 2007

Weigh-in day was yesterday. I hadn't been to WW in five months! Once I had reached a point where I was happy to maintain for a while I never did follow the WW guidelines to figure out what my maintenance points are. I simply started eating a little more, being more relaxed about snacking, and kept watching the scale. I had planned on pulling back a little if I saw my weight creep back up. I was around 58kg and swore that I wouldn't go over 60.

Slowly over the last few months my eating habits have got worse and worse and I've been eating more and more junk. But my weight has hardly changed! My shape has though. My boobs are smaller and my butt is bigger, and I can swear I've put some more padding on my belly too.

Anyway, I have reached a point where my trousers are getting tight and I am feeling vaguely ashamed of my sloppy eating habits. I want to get back on track because I feel better physically and emotionally when I'm eating right. I also want to lose a little more weight before Christmas and then get right back on track properly once we're a bit settled after our house move in January.

So ... off to WW I went last night.

There is a new leader, but that doesn't faze me (and besides, I'll have a new leader in a new meeting once we move.) I stepped on the scale and was amazed to find that in the last five months, with my steady decline in self-discipline, I've gained ...

... only 3 POUNDS!

Feeling the familiar glow of success that I used to enjoy at the WW meetings, I sat and enjoyed my leader's motivational talk and came home buzzing. I feel so much happier and energised and in control simply by attending my meeting.

So here's to a new start, and continued success.

I've started a new food blog, and since I'm back on the wagon I'll be featuring mainly WW recipes for the next three weeks. Then all bets are off until after Christmas - watch out for delicious cookies, bakes and meals!

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