Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Weight: don't know what it is now, but a few days ago it was 72.2kg - 13.2kg to go (0.8kg lost). When I shot the wedding with Natasha on Saturday she commented that I had lost weight (so have a couple of other people).
Water: appalling ... must get on track!
Eating: still can't taste anything due to bad sinus infection. I'm well now, but apparently it can take months for nerves to renew?! Tonight Noah was hassling at bedtime and I had the strongest craving for pudding / cake / custard / ice cream - purely emotional eating which I resisted. For meals I've been eating Weight Watchers meals some of the time.
Exercise: tonight, even though I was shattered, I did 2.3 miles on the treadmill while watching CSI (40 minutes). I feel really proud of myself. I mainly walked, but ran for a couple of minutes a couple of times.
Other: bought my hair straighteners! Need to get a haircut, must book that.

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